Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Liquid Hand Soap Review & FREE Product Coupon Giveaway

We received our package from Dial the other evening.

(Thank you very much for choosing us to try Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Liquid Hand Soap, review it & also give away 3 Dial FREE Product Coupons.)

The kids wanted to do something different with Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly:

(Yes the Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Liquid Hand Soap has been renamed Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly because well she scrubs away the dirt & is bubbly.)


They wanted to send her out in a similar fashion to Flat Stanley.

For those who aren't familiar with Flat Stanley, he is a flat person who gets mailed or dropped off, etc. from home to home & each home respectfully takes a Selfie with him.

Then they decided that Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly needs a husband to keep her company on her trips from house to house.

So what did we do yesterday afternoon?

We went to the store to see if they had a Mr. Scrubby Bubbly for Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly.

As you can tell from our pictures, the 2 stores that we went to haven't received this amazing product yet & the kids weren't accepting of having any other scent, style, design, etc. for Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly so we left the store empty handed.

We did however, stop by a few friends houses so that Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly could visit & take her Selfie.

We then came home & printed the pictures so that Mrs. Scrubby Bubbly can go with them on their daily journeys.

In all honesty, I hope the stores do get this product in as soon as possible because it smells delicious & actually cleans, exfoliates & moisturizes in one step.

How many hand soaps do you know that can actually multitask without sacrificing something?

This is the first one I have found & it is made from Dial, a company that has been around for years & that I trust, not just with my health, but my family's as well.

As I mentioned earlier, I was lucky enough to have been chosen to not only try & review Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Liquid hand Soap, but also give away 3 Free Dial Product Coupons.



I received a sample to try & review.
The opinions expressed are mine alone.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Reloaded: The Complete Step by Step Guide 2015 Edition[Kindle Edition] Download it to your EReader for Free

  Author: by Janet Evans 
Current Price: Free 
Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Reloaded: The Complete Step by Step Guide 2015 Edition[Kindle Edition]  Download it to your E Reader for Free
 BEFORE Clicking the Purchase button, make sure that the price is STILL $0.00! While this post is free right now, it can change at any time!

Friday, November 8, 2013


You can go here, check it out!!
Hope this helps the many people that have been worried about paying bills, Christmas Gifts, etc.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Giveaways Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,

New Giveaways will be posted in the coming week :)
Coupons will be updated this week too!

Happy Autumn!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Giveaway & Review

I was lucky enough to be selected to be able to given
mmmm talk about being swept off to Dreamland in soft, luxurious comfort...

I fell in love with the Lavender Scent as soon as I opened the box.
I fell in love with the Product as soon as I tested it out.

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets work very well 
at combating Static Cling
 & they leave your Laundry feeling  Sooo Soft 
 Smelling Sooo Breathtakingly Good,
 that you may not want to leave your bed each morning.

Purex has also given me 3 Coupons to Give Away
(Thank You Purex)

Here are the Winners:
Jalin K.
Marsha N.
Cathy B.

Please e-mail me your Postal Mailing 
Name & Address Information, 
so that I can send your FREE COUPON
 for a Box of Purex Fabric Softener Sheets.

You can also Check out Purex's Facebook Page
to Win Exciting Prizes & Get Free Coupons! 

Purex provided  me with a Free Sample of their Purex Fabric Softener Sheets in Sweet Lavender Scent so that I could review it.  However,  all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Handy Apps

Here are 4 Apps that assist in making Life a Bit Easier

Grocery IQ

     Download Grocery iQ - FREE
Download Grocery iQ® for your iPhone™, iPad® or Android™. Experience the convenience of using your list as you shop!
Download Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ® is an intuitive shopping list that allows you to build new lists quickly with features like predictive search and barcode scanning. – Customize the arrangement of categories within your list so you can check off items in an orderly fashion as you navigate the store. – Previously available only through our mobile app, Grocery iQ® is now available online. Start simplifying your grocery shopping now!


Welcome to Mindbloom!


Mindbloom Incorporated is a Seattle-based interactive media company that’s out to make life improvement accessible to everyone. 

By harnessing next-generation engagement techniques and focusing them on personal development, Mindbloom has created a new, powerful way for people to improve the quality of their lives. 

Utilizing behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques in their offerings Mindbloom makes the process of personal growth fun, simple and effective.

Founded in 2008 by executive gaming producer Chris Hewett and early Amazon leader Brent Poole, Mindbloom has a large and rapidly growing user community, along with enterprise customers including Premera, Vivacity, Aetna, and Sacramento State University.



Smallnest helps you be the best mom you can be. 

Smallnest tracks baby's eating, sleeping, and diapers so you can focus on parenting. 

That's why moms rate smallnest 5-stars in iTunes.

Andi, mom of three, says: "Two thumbs up-simple and easy."

Available on App Store


The #1 Family Calendar

Cozi is a free app and website that helps you manage your busy family calendar. Plus it keeps track of everything from school schedules to sports activities, meals, grocery lists, and chores, all in one place.

Accessible Anywhere

Stay on top of family life from anywhere. Access your Cozi account from any computer. The mobile app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and on Android devices.

Over 9 Million Users Agree

We are most proud of the stellar reviews from over 9 million family members. Cozi wins awards and top app selections year after year, too!